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 Squad Rankings

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Duke Dycedarg


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In Game Name: Duke Dycedarg
Squad: 13th Division
Rank: Captain Commander

PostSubject: Squad Rankings   Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:23 pm

These are the current ranks and their holders in the Gotei Thirteen.

Captain Commander: Duke Dycedarg

1st Division Captain: Curio Kamashi
2nd Division Captain: CanadianSelf
3rd Division Captain:
4th Division Captain:
5th Division Captain:
6th Division Captain: TheHuntsman
7th Division Captain: DjPinks
8th Division Captain:
9th Division Captain:
10th Division Captain:
11th Division Captain: BandanaDrew
12th Division Captain:
13th Division Captain: Duke Dycedarg

Kidou Corps Commander:
Onmitsukidou Commander: CanadianSelf

1st Division Vice Captain:
2nd Division Vice Captain:
3rd Division Vice Captain:
4th Division Vice Captain:
5th Division Vice Captain:
6th Division Vice Captain:
7th Division Vice Captain:
8th Division Vice Captain: Jinjako Hiroji
9th Division Vice Captain:
10th Division Vice Captain: Himuro Taiki
11th Division Vice Captain:
12th Division Vice Captain:
13th Division Vice Captain:

Kidou Corps Vice Commander:
Onmitsukidou Vice Commander:

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Squad Rankings
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