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 Squad Responsibilities

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PostSubject: Squad Responsibilities   Tue Jan 19, 2016 11:51 pm

Our organization as an entirety has several responsibilities that are imposed on all of its members. We are protectors or defenders of the game. We protect those who cannot protect themselves and frown upon those who cause rampant chaos.

Therefore, the main purpose of our organization is maintain peace. In a room where individuals are causing a large amount of violence our job is to put them down and attempt to keep the peace. Certain cases are acceptable if the individuals killing each other happen to be in the same crew and appear to be friends. These are the only acceptable circumstances.

Moving forward, certain squads are also going to have duties that are particular to that squad. These squads and organizations will be listed below with their accompanying duties.

9th Division: The 9th Division is the internal affairs squad of the Gotei Thirteen. They are in charge of making sure all of our members obey the rules of our organization and reporting any infractions to the appropriate higher authority of the offending individual.
E.G: If a member of the 5th Division breaks a rule, their superior would be notified of the infraction and appropriate actions would be taken.

10th Division: The 10th Division is the external affairs squad of the Gotei Thirteen. Their Captain is in charge of conducting any affairs with other organizations that we have dealings with. Whether it is brokering a deal or breaking bread they will be in charge of conducting these affairs. The Captain will also have the ability to declare war with other organizations but only with the approval of the Captain Commander and a majority vote by the Captains.

12th Division: The 12th Division is in charge of research and glitch prevention. People are going to glitch and cheat, it is something that will always happen. The 12th Division's unique duty is to research and keep track of any glitch spots that they may encounter in their dealing with other players. By categorizing these glitches our members will be better prepared in the future to deal with individual who are abusing said glitches.

Onmitsukidou: The Onmitsukidou has a very unique duty. The members of this group are charged with keeping track of members in our organization who have made many infractions and are bound for being discharged. They are in charge of assassinations of said individuals and as such the members of this organization are required to be highly trained with their leader being of even greater stature.

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Squad Responsibilities
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