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 The Rules of the Gotei Thirteen

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PostSubject: The Rules of the Gotei Thirteen   Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:00 am

With every organization there are rules that must be followed and we are no different. Now we are not particularly strict, but there are rules that are not to be broken and if they are there will be consequences for those that break them. They are as follows.

Rule #1: We are a policing organization, we do not cause random violence and only punish those who are aggressive towards our members or other players.

Rule #2: There is no random in crew violence, this includes property and possessions. The only allowed method of two members fighting is if both members agree to a private combat session against one another and establish the rules of said interaction.

Rule #3: Instigating is not allowed against other players to provoke them into attacking. This includes stalking and harassing other players without using direct violence. Unless order to investigate into the activities of another player by a superior officer you are to conduct your duties as normal.

Rule #4: The use of glitches is not allowed by members of our organization unless they are being used to get to an offending player who is using glitches to hide or gain an advantage. The punishment for breaking this rule is the most severe of them all and depending on the severity of the glitch/hack you can be immediately decommission from the organization.

Rule #5: Aggression against a player with a bounty is acceptable as they are a wanted criminal, and only while they possess the bounty. This excludes members of our organization unless granted express permission by the person that has the bounty.

For now these are all of the posted rules. There may be more in the future but for now do your best to obey them or face the consequences for not.

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The Rules of the Gotei Thirteen
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