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 Acquiring Positions and Ranks

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PostSubject: Acquiring Positions and Ranks   Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:40 am

Now, there are various ranks that make up the hierarchy of our organization. They rate anywhere from just being a basic academy student all the way up to the Captain Commander. Each rank has its own authority and responsibilities that are attached to it as well. There are various ways that you can rise to fame and fortune within our organization and below I will show you exactly how to do that and what each of these positions requires you to do as a ranking member of our group.




All other ranks are dictated by the executive officers of their respective squads with the Captain and Vice Captain(with the authority of their Captain) appointing seated officers ranking from 3 to 20. All other members of these squads will simply be standard squad members.

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Acquiring Positions and Ranks
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