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 Threat Potential Rating

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PostSubject: Threat Potential Rating   Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:53 am

While GTA is not a game that is driven strongly by its K/D ratio it can still be used to, somewhat accurately, depict what type of damage an individual can cause on their own in relation to others. Using an individuals K/D ratio we formulate a pre-emptive threat index to determine if this individual can become a potential threat and if already causing trouble, who would need to be dispatched to handle it.

This index is of course not 100% accurate but is the best way to determine if an individual is dangerous before physically interacting with them. Studying their interactions in addition to their K/D ratio determined threat index can give us a more accurate reading as well. Below is a chart that will depict how we classify Threat Potential and what situation could result from it.

Note: We also use this index to rate the general quality of our own players which can assist in determining who to dispatch against a particular individual. Personal experiences can effect ones index if it is higher or lower then accurate readings.

S Rank Threat Index:

A Rank Threat Index:

B Rank Threat Index:

C Rank Threat Index:

D Rank Threat Index:

Use this index to your advantage and accurately gauge a threat that you may have to face. If you find yourself outclassed request for assistance from your superior officer to deal with a higher grade threat. The most important concept is that we are trying to make the game a safer and more friendly environment for everyone. Fulfilling your duty comes before being a hero.

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Threat Potential Rating
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